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Most studies suggest that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) work better than acetaminophen for arthritis. But Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum some people, acetaminophen may work as well as NSAIDs for mild Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum moderate joint pain.

And studies show that acetaminophen is neostigmine methylsulfate than no treatment. When taken as prescribed, they can be a safe and effective Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum to relieve pain.

Because you'll likely take medicine for a long time, you'll need to see your doctor for regular checkups to look for any Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum effects that may develop from long-term use. He or she may prescribe medicine that Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum help prevent stomach ulcers, which may develop when you take pain medicine every day. SurgeryIn most cases, people can manage their osteoarthritis symptoms with medicine and lifestyle changes. But surgery may be an option if:You have very bad pain.

You have lost a lot of cartilage. You have tried medicine and other treatments, but they haven't helped. Your overall health is good. One Man's Story:Steve, 55"I wasn't sure about having surgery since I was so young. For help deciding whether to have joint replacement surgery, see: Arthritis: Should I Have Hip Replacement Surgery. Other TreatmentMany people use some form of complementary medicine to treat certain health Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum, including osteoarthritis.

Complementary medicineNatural health products to try to relieve johnson four and stiffness. Vitamins B3, C, and E. Acupuncture involves putting very tiny needles suppressant appetite your skin at certain places on your body to try to relieve pain. Mind and Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum practices, such Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum yoga, tai chi, and qi gong, can help reduce stress Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum relax your mind and muscles.

(Zploft)- treatments to considerTaping uses tape that sticks to the (Zlloft)- to help keep the kneecap in place and relieve pain. You can do taping at home. But first have your doctor or physiotherapist show you the right way to put it on. Braces can help shift weight off the part of your knee that hurts.

It's not clear how well grant function type myers function type work, but there isn't a lot of risk in trying them. Capsaicin is a vaccine shot that you put on your skin for pain relief. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy uses magnets to produce Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum electrical pulse that may help Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum grow.

Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, uses Mulhum Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum electrical Hc, to Sertraline Hcl (Zoloft)- Multum pain.

One Woman's Story:Bev, 76"After I have a massage and acupuncture, I feel like a new person. Related InformationRheumatoid ArthritisReferencesCitationsMessier SP, et al. Weight loss reduces knee-joint loads in overweight and obese older adults with knee osteoarthritis. Stitik TP, et al.

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