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Duration of fertility after fresh and frozen ovary transplantation. Complementary therapies and medicines and reproductive Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum. Two novel techniques to detect follicles in human ovarian cortical tissue. High-throughput ovarian follicle counting by an innovative deep learning approach. Intercellular bridges coordinate the transition from pluripotency Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum meiosis in mouse fetal oocytes.

A modified spalteholz technique with preservation of the histology. Whole-brain Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum with single-cell resolution using chemical cocktails and computational analysis.

Advanced CUBIC protocols for whole-brain and whole-body clearing and imaging. Three-dimensional imaging of Prox1-EGFP transgenic mouse gonads reveals divergent modes of lymphangiogenesis in the testis and ovary. Tissue clearing technique: recent progress and biomedical applications. Ovarian innervation coupling with vascularity: the role of electro-acupuncture Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum follicular maturation in a rat model of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Correlations of neuronal and microvascular densities in murine cortex revealed by direct counting and colocalization of nuclei and vessels. Early menopause: increased steps risk at older age. Meiosis occurs normally Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum the Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum ovary of mice lacking all retinoic acid receptors.

Data management and archiving in a large microscopy-and-imaging, multi-user facility: problems and solutions. Fertility preservation for girls and young women with cancer: population-based validation of criteria for ovarian tissue Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum. Inflammaging is associated with shifted macrophage rain johnson and polarization in the aging mouse ovary.

Special issue on biomedical big data: understanding, learning and applications. Confocal laser scanning microscopy of whole mouse ovaries: excellent morphology, apoptosis detection, and spectroscopy. Ovarian Compartments and Their Development Oocytes Germ cell precursors in mice are segregated from somatic lineages around embryonic day 7.

Somatic Cells Ovarian fate depends on the differentiation and development of somatic lineages from bipotential precursors in the fetal gonads. Vessel Network and Innervation The vascular network transports gases, nutrients, and macromolecules required for the growth Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum maintenance of ovarian follicles. Possible future applications of 3D imaging. Google Scholar Arora, Cefotaxime (Cefotaxime for Injection)- Multum. Google Scholar Atsma, F.

Google Scholar Bowles, J. Google Scholar Clevers, H. Google Scholar Cordeiro, M. Google Scholar Coveney, D. Google Scholar Duncan, F. Google Scholar Edson, M. Google Scholar Estermann, M. Google Scholar Feng, Y. Google Scholar Fiorentino, G. Google Scholar Flaws, J. Google Scholar Ginsburg, M. Google Scholar Kagawa, N. Google Scholar Koubova, J. Google Scholar Kuwajima, T. Google Scholar Ma, T. Google Scholar Malki, S. Google Scholar Myers, M. Google Scholar Ng, A. Google Scholar Oren, R. Google Scholar Paddock, S.

Google Scholar Inad, W. Google Scholar Silber, S. Google Scholar Soleimani, R. Google Scholar Span 40, B. Google Scholar Steinke, H. Google Scholar Tong, X. The ovary is where oogenesis occurs Ovaries are stimulated by gonadotrophin from the anterior pituitary. The genital tract makes up the rest of the female reproductive system: fallopian tubes take the ova to the uterus.

The uterus is a muscular organ, and its mucosal lining undergoes hormone dependent changes. The vagina is a muscular tube that leads to the outside.



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